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A little about Fox Property Group

At Fox Property, we believe in making your property stand out from the crowd. This means using our property knowhow, talented staff and our brand to make positive things happen - for our sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants and their families.

Taking Responsibility

"Working hard to get the best possible price for your property"

We’re taking responsibility for growing our business in a way that’s good for everyone. We’ve identified our industry's biggest issues and we’re working hard to manage them in a way that our staff and customers can be proud of.

Listening and Learning

"Having an open and honest conversation about how things are"

We’re listening and learning from our customers, staff and competitors because we know it’s the best way to make sure we’re on the right track.

Innovative Strategies

"Developing innovative marketing idea's that make your home stand out from the crowd"

We want to use our staff, the latest technology and our brand to make a difference. That’s why we develop innovative marketing and customer service strategies that are good for the future of our business and for our customers too.
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